English Shayari On Life 2 Lines | जीवन पर इंग्लिश शायरी 2 लाइन 2023

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English Shayari On Life 2 Lines

English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
success not degree It demands skill.
The burden was not on the shoulders, but on the mind That's why I couldn't walk much distance.
The sequence of meaningless life is over, Now whatever kind of world we are.
Life is just about walking, The only stop now would be death.
no waiting for opportunity Learn to build.
Some lives lie, Something happens but somewhere else it does something else.
I felt my eyes glaze over, How close tears are to someone's memory!
This much wisdom does not come from eating almonds, as much as one gets hurt
The reality of life is just this, That a person becomes a memory in a moment.
Yesterday's novice became Alexander. Light gusts of wind turned into whirlwinds. I kept fighting holding the helm of principles. I remained shy and the people became a sea.

जीवन पर इंग्लिश शायरी 2 लाइन

जीवन पर इंग्लिश शायरी 2 लाइन
जीवन पर इंग्लिश शायरी 2 लाइन
best preparation for tomorrow This means do good today.
No one will praise you, But the one pointing the finger may be the locality.
When you hone yourself, Then the world searches for you.
The spots keep appearing. just to clear the mind must continue
learn to give, Taking never filled anyone's stomach
Become master of your mind, You will not have to become a slave of the world
How much sorrow, how much yearning is there in it, yet but, Life is such a thing that it should not be abandoned.
Go out in the sun and take a bath in the rain, Remove the books and see what life is!
Often passes through loneliness there, One who chooses right decisions in life.

English Shayari On Life 2 Lines

English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
There was a time when there was time, today it is time that there is no time.
There is happiness in my life because of you, Half is to torment you, half is to convince you.
You won't get the life you want, You just have to like what you have
I didn't want to drown in the boat of life, so I kept the boat of dreams ready.
Time is yours, if you want, it can become gold. Take it and spend it sleeping if you want.
There would be some support in the lonely nights, You would not have existed nor would you have been mentioned correctly!
It may not be an ocean, but there should be a river. There must be life somewhere in your city.
Losers are those who complain again and again. Only he who tries continuously wins.
Sometimes keep it on your eyes and sometimes on your head, Keep your heart full of all the bad things in life!
Learn something from life friends, it teaches you a lot, What if there is nothing special in life now? Have some patience, good and bad are visible at every turn.
There is happiness and sorrow, love and sorrow.. Life is nothing more than a chess board.
There is so much of politics involved in this tour, we have to burn the slums, we have to mourn also.
Life is just about walking, The only stop now would be death.
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
Fools want to escape from the world by committing crimes…. That innocent person doesn't understand that the world doesn't give punishment, it gives time.
It is necessary for us to stumble in life, Only then we identify the right path.
Life is also like a courtesan, Sometimes I dance out of compulsion…sometimes I am famous…
Then I realized that the distance has come so far. When I said I was fine and he agreed!
You get more peace when there are fewer people in your life.
Life is there so it is passing otherwise, It's been a long time since we passed.
I have maintained the illusion of relationships all my life, but the truth is that No one is yours except yourself!
Even those who love passionately change after some time, our time will also come sir, why are you so proud.
One thing life has taught me is to be happy with myself. And don't expect anything from anyone!
We are sad every day, only the nights pass, Someday the night will be sad and we will pass away.
Stop worrying about relationships…. The one who has to support you, will support you to that extent..!!
Many people are surprised to see me at heights, but no one has seen the blisters on my feet.
Man's biggest mistake, That is, before “God” Weeps in front of humans..!
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
Learn to smile, Life won't bother you much!
Hey life, let's sit and drink tea somewhere. You too must be tired of chasing me away.
What have we sold to buy leisure…this is life… Everything is mortgaged in the market of responsibility.
These two issues remained unresolved throughout my life. Neither sleep was complete nor dreams were fulfilled.
The moods of life also become amazing, Every time the true colors of our loved ones are shown!
Everyone is concerned about proving themselves right, As if this life is not life, it is an accusation.
sometimes walk with me and sometimes take me with you He suddenly changed my life
Sometimes walk with me, sometimes take me with you, He suddenly changed my life!
Accidents are necessary in life, Only then is the right path identified!
Don't lose your life in love We went with our hearts but not with our lives!
Someone please make peace with life, today I feel a great urge to smile. But the truth is that no one is yours except yourself.
Play your role in life with great passion, That the applause continues even after the curtain falls….
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
Maybe this is what life is all about, Distances, compulsions, loneliness.
Thank you life… even my own people left me. but you are still with me today
Life was given to live, We spent our time in search of someone!
What happened except a bet, Life also turned out to be a gamble.
Let the light of your memories remain with us, Who knows on which street the evening of life will happen.
Life is angry with us again today Well leave it… where is the puzzle?
O life, why do you do so many wonders? Have I ever told you anything!
Play the role of life in such a way that The applause continued even after the curtain fell.
Not everyone knows the value of tears, People often say this..! Crying clears the eyes.
It is not necessary to express love by kissing hands, A true companion is one who kisses your forehead and hugs you.
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
English Shayari On Life 2 Lines
The pace of life has become so fast that the pain in the morning becomes old in the evening
I have heard that there are many talks about my bad reputation in the city. Well, tell me, I have a habit of being in the headlines.
O life, these are your scratches on me Or are you trying to carve me up
In life, worry only so much that the work gets done. And not so much that life becomes anonymous
Every day this life shows some new troubles, This teaches us to live life in the true sense.
I have taken some decisions in life, And some decisions people have given me!
This life is too short, now who should I stay away from? Everything will turn to ashes. Now why should I walk proudly on these ashes?


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