Madonna 'carrying on with her best life' while 'causally dating' model 41 years more youthful than her

Madonna doesn't thing age hole of 41 years with new playmate Andrew Darnell is 'weird,' says source

Madonna is "nonchalantly" dating a 23-year-old model Andrew Darnell while overlooking her companions who think the age hole between the two is "a piece odd."

The Like a Request songstress, who has an age hole of outshining 41 years with her new lover, "doesn't appear to mind" 

about it by any stretch of the imagination as she keeps "carrying on with her best life at the present time." 

Madonna is nonchalantly dating Andrew Darnell and albeit a portion of her companions think the way that he is 23 is a piece odd,

 Madonna doesn't appear to care the slightest bit," an insider told Hollywood Life.

She has never truly allowed age to influence her choice on who to date and who not to date and it isn't like Madonna will settle down, nor does she need to.

The source shared that the Sovereign of Pop isn't searching for anything serious and Andrew is "giving her precisely what she wants."

"She is carrying on with her best life the present moment and is having a great time. Andrew gives her the sort of enthusiasm that she

needs in her day to day existence at this moment and after her new parted, she simply needs to have a great time.

"It isn't hurting anybody, and Andrew is about her. Both of them can't keep their hands off one another when they are together, yet this doesn't mean union with Madonna.

 She is finished with all of that," the insider added.

Madonna was recently engaged with 28-year-old Ahlamalik Williams, her previous reinforcement artist, with whom she headed out in different directions in April.

From that point forward, the pop star has been seen with the youthful model many times including their new excursion at Nigerian artist REMA's show at New York City's Irving Square.

The Material Young lady vocalist was spotted "cuddling and nestling" with Andrew and the two even locked lips during their night out according to Page Six.

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