The NASCAR Cup is America's foremost racing circuit

There have been many champions who are remembered even today and they have long stories.

Today we're going to name 5 drivers who are the all-time leaders in NASCAR Cup Series wins.

1. Richard Petty

Richard Petty was a 7 time champion till 1964,79. Recorded the Daytona 500 seven times.

2. David Pearson

He was a three-time winner in Silver Fox, 1966,69 until he died on 12 November 2018.

3. Jeff Gordon

Won four cup titles in the new era of NASCAR, in 1995,97,98,2001

There are many NASCAR driver drivers like this, but we are telling you the names of a few selected ones.

4.जूनियर जॉनसन

This American hero never won a Cup title as a driver, but Darrell Waltrip was the owner champion of the Cub Series 6 times

5.Denny Hamlin

These drivers are also very popular and people love them a lot, still doing well

There are a lot of NASCAR cup drivers who have achieved great success,

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